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TailorMade™ Checking

TailorMade™ Checking Benefits

    TailorMade™ Checking members are allowed to choose a total of three (3) of the below benefits.

  • 0.15% APY interest on entire TailorMade™ checking account balance (no limit)

  • Refunded ATM fees up to $25.00 per month

  • Earn $0.05 on your first 100 merchant debit card transactions each month

  • ¼% bonus on the current CD rates* (includes all of the member's CDs but does not apply to IRA certificates.

  • ¼% rebate on current loan rate* (only applies to loans with a rate of 3.25% or higher)

  • Two NSF fee refunds per year in addition to the annual courtesy NSF refunds

  • One free "Skip a Pay" fee per calendar year (for one skipped payment when Skip a Pay is offered)
* The 1/4% bonus earned on certificates and/or the 1/4% rebate given on loans will be calculated on a monthly basis, the regular interest will post to the CD or loan as usual and the extra 1/4% bonus earned will be posted to the member's TailorMade™ checking account at the end of the month.

Example: Member has a $10,000 auto loan at 4.00%APR, his monthly interest would be $33.00 the first month of the loan so 1/4% of $33.00 is $8.25. Therefore, $8.25 would be deposited as a rebate to the member's TailorMade™ account this month.

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