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TailorMade™ Checking

TailorMade™ Checking

    1st Financial Federal Credit Union is excited to introduce TailorMade™ Checking We asked our members how we could improve their checking account, and with that information we created a new and improved checking product. The new TailorMade™ Checking account gives you the ability to build your checking account the way you want it

    You get to choose the three options from the list below that best suit your banking needs:

    You will receive the rewards you have chosen on your TailorMade™ checking account for every month you meet the following requirements:

  • Receive your monthly statement electronically each month

  • One ACH (electronic debit or credit) posted to your account

  • A combined loan and/or deposit balance of $10,000 or greater (this may be any combination of savings accounts or loans with the exception of Individual Retirement Accounts or real estate loans.

  • On months your account does not meet the requirements listed above, your TailorMade™ checking account will function as a Free Checking account and will not earn rewards for that month.

    Please call (636) 916-8300, email or stop by for more information about our new TailorMade™ Checking. The checking account that is TailorMade™ for your specific banking needs.

    For more information, please see:

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Full List Of TailorMade™ Checking Benefits

  • Qualifying Information and Disclosures
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