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About 1st Financial

About 1st Financial

1st Financial Service Promises

You know credit unions are a smarter choice for your money. You know you can expect a higher level of service from your credit union. But did you know that your credit union promises that you can expect for us to own your requests, act with integrity and listen to you (just to name a few)?

At 1st Financial Federal Credit Union, we take our service so seriously that we don't just make empty promises. We prove it by showing you how it is working for our members every single day.

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We want you to be familiar with our service promises so that when you visit us, you can see them being lived out.

We promise to provide you with service so great you will never want to leave us

We promise to listen to you and offer appropriate solutions

We promise to recommend products and services that are in your best interest

We promise to act with integrity

We promise to take ownership of your requests

We promise to make decisions that benefit you, the owners as a whole

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