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VISA® Check Card

How Does the Check Card Work?

VISA® Check CardYou simply present the check card to make a purchase, and the cost is deducted right from your checking account. You no longer need to write a separate check! That means you'll spend less time waiting in line for authorizations, and you won't have to carry large amounts of cash.

Your monthly checking statement will provide even more detail. You still need to record purchases in your checking register, but you can look forward to a statement that includes information such as where and when you shopped, and when the funds were deducted from your account.

So when you need cash in a flash, or to pay for gas, groceries, dinner, sales at the mall-- anything at all-- do it the fast, easy way with the check card.  

NOTICE TO MEMBERS - Traveling to Foreign Destinations?

If you’re planning to use your 1st Financial Federal Credit Union Visa Check Card or Atira MasterCard while out of the country, please make sure you call the credit union before you leave to inform us of the country and dates you will be away.

Due to security concerns, VISA Debit/Credit and Atira MasterCard access in certain foreign countries may be restricted. If you want to use your 1st Financial VISA Check/Credit card or Atira MasterCard in countries besides the U.S. please notify us before you leave. This allows us to verify that the transactions that occur in these foreign countries are actually yours. Contact a 1st Financial Representative at 636-916-8300 for more information.

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