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Gwendolyn Williams

Years With 1st Financial: 12

Branch: Downtown

Phone #: (636) 916-8386


About Me

Hello! My name is Gwendolyn and I am your Financial Service Representative. I began my banking career with 1st Financial as a teller in 2001.

I have continued to be passionate about helping our members save money. I enjoy assisting members in meeting their financial goals. My favorite part of this position is seeing the smiling faces when members realize the amount of money they have saved after consolidating their debts or refinancing an auto loan. 1st Financial Federal Credit Union's mission is to save members money, make members money, and save members time…my goal is to help members do just that.


"I have been a member of this credit union for over 25 years. During that time period the credit union has financed cars, loans, a home equity loan while at the same time I have had maintained both a checking and savings account. I feel that 1st Financial is always there to meet my needs. Another credit union recently asked if they could provide me with a loan to consolidate my two credit cards. I asked 1st Financial to provide the same services. It was automatic. I appreciate the personal counseling that I receive as well as the professional attitude that always meets me at the door. I always hear the tellers address the members with a name and a smile. At a time in our nation when some of the larger banks have lost their credibility with the public and most of all with consumers, I feel that credit unions such as 1st Financial will gain in numbers, but most of all respect."

- Dorothy S., St. Louis

"Gwendolyn is a very highly skilled personal banker. The way she can smile and speak to you is really refreshing in today's business. She is very knowledgeable concerning her job and takes it very seriously. If she is busy she will calmly take your name and phone number and promise you a call that you can depend on receiving. She is wonderful for 1st Financial and I'm glad you have her there."

- Rev. Vassar K.

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