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CUbby Kids Club

CUbby Kids Club

Preschoolers might not know the difference between a nickel and a dime, but they sure do know how to pressure their parents to buy what they want. Early financial education among children can be the key for responsible spending and saving as they grow into adulthood. Unfortunately, if parents don't teach their children spending and saving values, they risk advertisers doing it for them.

That's why 1st Financial has developed the CUbby Kids Club. The CUbby Kids Club allows kids age 12 and under to become a member of a reward based savings club*. Your kids can learn how to save money and have fun, too!

*Parent must accompany child when opening a new account. Must have child's social security card to open account.

To help parents shape healthy spending and saving behaviors from an early age, CUNA (Credit Union National Association) now provides free resources from teaching preschool children basic money concepts. To learn more visit today.

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