Changes To Your Online HELOC Access

Very soon, you may notice a change in how you view your Visa Home Equity Line of Credit Card in your online banking account.  These changes may affect how you access your card information and make payments.

You may currently be viewing your HELOC balance along with your other accounts on the online banking home page.

old view


Soon, this display will go away as we make improvements to our Visa Card program.  In it’s place, you will need to click on the tab on the top right of the page called “Visa Services”.  From there, you will be able to register your Visa HELOC card and access all of your account information, as well as make payments.

To register your card, simply follow these easy steps:

  1.  Enter the name in the field as it appears on the card
  2.  Enter the credit card number
  3.  Enter the profile email address
  4.  Verify the profile email address
  5.  Click “submit”
  6.  Read and accept the Terms and Conditions

sign in

The next time you enter this area, this information will be saved, making the process very easy.

new view


If you have any questions on this change, click here to request help.  You can also call us at (636) 916-8300 to speak with a Member Service Representative.


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