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The security of traveler’s cheques.
The convenience of a Visa card.

Easy to Use

Make Purchases Worldwide – Use your TravelMoney card at any of the 25 million merchants worldwide that accept Visa debit cards. Obtain local currency at over 1 million Visa ATMs around the world. Avoid standing in line to exchange foreign currency.^

Reloadable from Anywhere – Initially, cards are loaded at 1st Financial from your checking or savings account. The card is reloadable up to four (4) times. The second, third and fourth loads will be done by you at www.cumoney.com. NOTE – You will need our routing and transit number: 281080739. There is a three day hold on funds loaded via www.cumoney.com. The TravelMoney card is not directly linked to your checking or savings account. Minimum load is $100. Maximum load $5000.

Check Your Balance Anytime – Just visit www.cumoney.com.

Security and Convenience

Emergency Card Replacement and Emergency Cash Disbursement – With Visa TravelMoney you can obtain emergency card replacement and emergency cash disbursement, generally within one business day.

Lost/Stolen Card Reporting – Call 1-877-850-9650.

Zero Liability** – Protection from fraudulent use of a lost or stolen card. Learn more about Zero Liability.

Lost Luggage Reimbursement*** – Get reimbursement up to $250 per trip, $1,000 per registered cardholder for checked or carry-on luggage and its contents if the luggage or contents is lost due to theft or misdirection by the common carrier (airline, train, cruise or bus line). Reimbursement is not contingent upon the purchase of travel with the Visa TravelMoney card. Learn more about Lost Luggage Reimbursement.

Purchase Security*** – Within the first ninety (90) days of the date of purchase, Purchase Security will, at the Benefit Administrator’s discretion, replace, repair, or reimburse you for eligible items of personal property purchased entirely with your registered Visa TravelMoney card up to a maximum of $500 per claim, in the event of theft, damage due to fire, vandalism, accidentally discharged water, or certain weather conditions.

Travel and Emergency Assistance Services*** – Get translation assistance 24 hours a day, medical and legal referrals, emergency trip arrangements, and emergency messages to relatives.


The TravelMoney card is accepted at all Visa participating merchants worldwide.

PIN Transactions 25 per day/$2500 daily maximum limit
Signature Transactions 25 per day/$2500 daily maximum limit
ATM Withdrawals (Domestic) 3 per day/$500 daily maximum limit
ATM Withdrawals (International) 3 per day/$500 daily maximum limit


^ Important Note regarding usage of the TravelMoney card at restaurants.For purchases made at a restaurant, the authorization amount will be increased by 20% in case you choose to add a gratuity to the charge therefore, sufficient funds must be available for the whole amount. Once the gratuity, if any, is added to the original purchase, only the final amount will be deducted from your balance.
** The Visa Zero Liability policy covers U.S.–issued cards only and does not apply to ATM transactions, PIN transactions not processed by Visa, or certain commercial card transactions. Cardholder must notify issuer promptly of any unauthorized use.
*** Certain restrictions, limitations, and exclusions apply and benefit configuration may vary. Please refer to your Guide to Benefit or contact the credit union for full program terms and conditions, and to confirm specific coverage levels. You can also view general card benefit details by downloading the Visa TravelMoney Benefits PDF.

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