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Vishing: Don't Take the Bait

By using automated dialers and computerized voices, scammers are working hard to trick consumers into giving them their credit card numbers, bank/credit union account numbers, debit card numbers, etc.

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Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft is so prevalent because your information is out there. Every credit card, loan, or credit line you have ever applied for, every college you’ve attended, every job you’ve had, every magazine you have subscribed to may have your account names and personal information;...

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Phishing: Don't Take the Bait

By using email spam or pop-up messages, “phishers” work hard to trick consumers into disclosing credit card numbers, account information, Social Security numbers, and other details best kept private. Posing as a financial institution, government agency, or Internet service...

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Understanding Money Traps

Storefront financial centers such as payday loan centers, check cashing centers, and stores selling money orders may seem useful in everyday situations. The fact is that they are expensive money traps. Here are some tips to help you avoid getting “trapped”: ...

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Using Credit Wisely

Learning how to establish good credit is something they never taught in school. Late payments can leave negative marks on your credit report, which will cause future lenders to either charge very high rates for credit or offer no credit at all...

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Your Credit Score: A Potentially Powerful Number

What is this score you hear so much about? And how can one number have so much power? At 1st Financial Federal Credit Union, we believe that understanding the facts about credit scores will help you make choices that will protect your options in the long run.

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Credit Reports

Get a Free Copy of Your Credit Report Thanks to The FACT Act: For years, experts have advised consumers to check their credit reports on a regular basis in an effort to understand their credit and help fight against identity theft. And now, that’s about to become easier...

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Check 21

Ready or not, your checking account is about to change. Here’s what to expect. Let’s say you write a check at your local department store. The department store sends your check to their ABC Financial Institution, hundreds of miles away. ABC clears it through...

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