Android Pay

1st Financial Federal Credit Union is excited to offer Android Pay to our debit and credit card users.

As a 1st Financial Federal Credit Union Visa credit or debit card user, you can now pay with your phone at more than 1 million stores across the U.S. Android Pay is a new mobile payment solution that offers 1st Financial Visa debit and credit card holders further simplicity, security and choice when paying for things every day.

Making payments is safe when you use Android Pay, thanks to tokenization, the industry standard for secure payments. Your card number isn’t stored on your phone or given to the merchant with your payment. Instead, Android Pay uses a virtual account number to represent your account information–providing an extra layer of security.

How do I set it up?

First, download the Android Pay app from the Google Play Store. If your 1st Financial Visa credit or debit card is already linked to your Google account, you can simply add it to the Android Pay app by confirming a few details. To add a new card, it’s as simple as snapping a picture.

How does it work?

Android Pay is the new way to pay with your smartphone, offering simplicity, security and choice. Simply:

  1. Unlock your device (no need to open the app).
  2. Hold the back of your device near a contactless payment terminal.
  3. Your phone will beep or vibrate, and you’ll receive a confirmation on-screen letting you know the payment was made.

Are my payments safe?

Yes. When you use Android Pay, your 1st Financial card number isn’t stored on your phone or given to the merchant. A unique virtual account number is created specifically for that card on that device.

Where can I use it?

Android Pay is accepted by more than a million stores across the United States. To see a full list of stores accepting Android Pay, visit

Paying in stores or within apps has never been easier.

Get started by adding your 1st Financial debit or credit card today.

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