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The Credit Union Difference

Other financial institutions focus on money. From the start, credit unions have focused on people, dreams, and results.

The credit union difference is evident in four key ways


Credit unions are locally owned. Each is guided by a volunteer board of directors. The decisions about the organization, direction, programs and policies that govern credit unions are based on the benefits they provide to members.


The most important responsibility of credit unions is promoting the financial success of members. Other financial institutions focus their attention on making big profits for just a few shareholders. Credit unions are not-for-profit. Money made by the credit union is returned back to the members in lower rates on loans and higher dividends on deposits. Combine those features with fewer fees and you have a valued partner in banking.

Member Benefits

Money made by the credit union benefits members in a variety of ways. From higher interest rates on savings and lower interest rates on loans, to financial counseling and services, credit unions focus on helping members – not simply making a profit.


Credit unions bring financial benefits to the areas they serve. Because they are locally owned and managed, credit unions are focused on making a contribution to their local communities. Without credit unions, other financial institutions’ profit demands would leave families unable to afford a home and small businesses without the loans they need to grow and benefit Missouri’s economy. Credit unions provide an important consumer choice for all Missourians.

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