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About 1st Financial

The Credit Union Difference

Ever wonder why 30,000 credit union members choose 1st Financial as their place for financial service? It’s because 1st Financial puts people before profits.

Like all credit unions, 1st Financial is a member owned, not for profit financial cooperative, which returns profits to the members in the form of lower rates on loans and higher savings yields. The cooperative nature of credit unions enables us to provide products and services at very reasonable rates.

When a person joins 1st Financial Federal Credit Union, he or she becomes a member, not a customer. And members – not outside investors – pool their savings, lend money to one another, elect officers, and provide other services in a cooperative relationship.

We promote the philosophy of "once a member, always a member". This means that even if a member no longer works for a select employee group, retires or moves, he or she may always maintain their membership status with our credit union providing they maintain an account relationship with the credit union.

After joining 1st Financial , every member in good standing has access to a wide array of savings accounts, loan products, and various other services offered.

Here are a few benefits of 1st Financial Federal Credit Union:

  • Superior Services. With your credit union, red carpet services are not a privilege reserved for the elite. They are rights extended to all members, without exception.
  • Products to help you get what you want, when you need it. In addition to saving money, 1st Financial also understands that members need to be able to borrow money at a low interest rate. From auto loans to home equity loans, 1st Financial can satisfy almost any member’s need.
  • Products to help you save. 1st Financial offers a variety of savings products including Individual Retirement Accounts, High Yield Money Market Accounts, Certificates of Deposit, and special savings programs for children and teens.
  • Trust, not just collateral. 1st Financial Federal Credit Union provides a low-cost alternative to high interest lenders. So, the next time someone asks you, "Why are you a credit union member ?" simply say, "Oh, I can think of about 30,000 reasons."
You Are Leaving 1st Financial Federal Credit Union.