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The Better Way to Bank is Making an Impact

A financial institution, when built on a foundation of integrity, can accomplish great things when it’s focused on the needs of the community, and not excessive income. Our community efforts are strategically aligned with some of the greatest needs of our community — education, job training, and sustainable housing. It is the driving force of how we do what we do, but more importantly, it’s why we do what we do.

We couldn’t do what we do without the support of you, our members. As a cooperative that started 50 years ago to provide banking services in a way that promoted sharing, trust and cooperation, we are so proud of what you have helped us become. Investing in 1st Financial is about more than your checking account, it’s a way to leverage your investment into affecting real and lasting change in some of the most under-served communities in St. Louis.

There is still so much to be done and we encourage you to stay involved. Tell people what we’ve accomplished together and how their investment into a 1st Financial checking, savings or loan product could change their community.

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Our Members

We are honored to be a part of many of our members success stories.

Maurice's Story
Jawonna's Story
Jerry's Story

BUILDING CREDIT | It It Can Only Go Up From Here

Member Maurice at the St. Charles Branch

Maurice is a 1st Financial member who has overcome some serious financial hurdles. His account went negative and eventually was closed. He later came back to the credit union to learn how to improve his credit. The road wasn’t easy and along the way, he encountered new struggles that he had to overcome.

Since he came back to the credit union his credit has seen huge improvements. He even refinanced his auto loan from a 17% APR to a 7% APR. He was also approved for a credit card with a good interest rate.

Maurice continues to work hard and his financial portfolio shows his growth.

“It can only go up from here! I couldn’t have had as much success without the helpful advice from 1st Financial Federal Credit Union! Thank you for your support!” – Maurice

BREAKING DOWN BARRIERS | Having Someone in Your Corner

Jawonna at the Hazelwood BranchJawonna became a 1st Financial member in 2016 when she financed her car with the credit union.

Everything was going great until suddenly life happended and her car broke down. Left without reliable transportation, Jawonna lost her job and felt hopeless.

Fortunately, the credit union was in contact with her and listened to her story. With the help of the credit union’s innovative lending options, Jawonna and her husband were able to get her vehicle repaired so that she could get a new job. With the extra income they were able to get back on track with their car loan payments.

“You automatically think that when the bank is calling, they just want their money and they don’t care about any of your excuses. Little did I know, my credit union was in my corner and willing to work with me.” – Jawonna

WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT | Looking Forward with Work1st Checking

Member Jerry at the downtown St. Louis branch location

Jerry opened his account with 1st Financial after completing the Urban League’s workforce development program, Save our Sons. 1st Financial Work1st checking account gave Jerry access to comprehensive one-on-one financial counseling, a free checking account and automatic savings opportunities.

Jerry believes strongly that if it wasn’t for his Work1st account and the help of his credit union, he wouldn’t be as financially secure as he is today. He said he never really paid attention to how much money he had before. Since receiving access to his Work1st account and working with Kelley at the Downtown branch, he’s now more confident in his spending and savings habits.

“Before I just knew if I had the money, I was going to spend it. I’m looking forward to seeing how I can change my financial life with a savings account and better credit.” – Jerry

At 1st Financial members have increased their assets by an average of 17% since 2014

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1st Financial and Non Profit Giving

1st Financial focuses all community development efforts into three strategic intents of job training, education resources and sustainable housing. In 2014, the credit union began offering small grants to non profits focused in these three areas. The credit union also offers every employee 8 hours of paid time each month to go serve at one of these non profits. This gives us the ability to holistically provide needed funding, as well as man power to some of the most impactful non profits in the St. Louis community.

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1st Financial employees have volunteered 2026 hours since 2014 and donated more than $51,000

It’s Never Too Late to Start Over

1st Financial creates products and services specifically to provide asset building, credit repairing and safe borrowing for consumers in St. Louis and St. Charles who may not have otherwise qualified at a traditional financial institution. We believe everyone should have access to a checking account. We also believe that a credit score is a snapshot in time. 1st Financial has designed every product to do two things. First to provide access to products which have traditionally been made unavailable to low income households. Secondly, we aim to provide life long models for success by considering opportunities for long term saving and borrowing needs.

  • Opportunity

    A checking account with a free debit card for everyone, regardless of past checking history or credit score.

  • High Yield
    Online Savings

    Savings with rates 16X the national average, no term limits, no credit restrictions or minimum balances.

  • Credit Builder

    A credit builder loan offering increased savings and a refund of half the interest paid at the end of the loan.

  • Secured
    Credit Card

    Secured by funds in an account, this card gives you access to low cost credit without high fees or interest.

45% of 1st Financial Members have improved their credit score by an average of 47 points in the


“I have referred many people with troubled financial histories and 1st Financial has found solutions to get them back on track.”
– Robert Z. 1st Financial Member, St. Peters

A plan for tomorrow

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