50 Acts of Cooperation

Cooperation is a brilliant concept.

Fifty years ago, in 1968, a small group of blue-collar workers right here in St. Louis started a cooperative to begin saving and borrowing together.  District 837 Credit Union was born from an idea that if we can find a better way to work together, we can accomplish great things.

This year, we’re celebrating our 50th anniversary with 50 Small Acts of Cooperation, a program where we’re recognizing members, employees, and local nonprofits that are making a difference in our communities each day. We’re going to help by committing to 50 Acts of Cooperation in 2018. Some of those acts might include volunteering our time to serve alongside a nonprofit, collecting school supplies, handing out free coffee, buying gas, or surprising a member with a small financial gift to lend a helping hand.

We firmly believe that small acts of service can bring about big change.  For our families, for our employees and for our community.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
Margaret Mead

Click on the tabs below to view the progress of our 50 Acts of Cooperation. Nominate a person or organization today.


ACT #1:  David W.

David, a 1st Financial member since 1990, was nominated because of the work that he does to help the homeless in St. Louis. We wanted to help David to continue the strong work that he’s doing to help others. Watch David’s story now.

ACT #2:  Shontrice and Markevion

Shontrice and Markevion, 50 Acts of Cooperation #2

Shontrice and Markevion were nominated for our #50ActsofCooperation to have their car repaired and safe for use as they continue with their personal and professional development with Connections to Success. We were so honored to cooperate with one of our favorite nonprofits in St. Louis to help this young family get back on their feet.

ACT #3:  Michelle G.

Michelle G., 50 Acts of Cooperation, Act 3

Michelle, a 1st Financial Member since 2013, was nominated for one of our 50 Acts to help ease the burden of the mounting medical bills from her breast cancer treatments. We’re honored to help make this family’s life a little bit easier.

A letter from Michelle:

Breast cancer, something so many women (1 in 8) are diagnosed with. It seems so common, yet few people realize how many different types there are. 111 women die each day from breast cancer.  

When I was told that I had a form of breast cancer that less than 1% of women face, it scared me and left me facing a road ahead I never thought I would have to.

I was diagnosed with triple negative metaplastic breast cancer. We had just bought our first home and moved in. Two days later I have surgery to get a port so I can start chemo the next week. I am 39. I have kids and grandkids that I want to see grow up!

I went through chemo for six months. I was pumped full of poison that’s trying to kill the cancer, but it kills everything. Surgery removed the remainder of the tumor. Then I went on to heal for four weeks before starting radiation. I went through 37 radiation treatments, every week Monday thru Friday.

At the end, of being burned from the inside out, I thought this was behind me. Surely, after all that, I would fall into the category of the 35% of women who don’t have a reoccurrence.

Four months later, it was follow up time.  After the exam, I was moved to another room for second imaging. I knew then that something was wrong. Two days later and another procedure left me waiting for the results.

I already knew it was back. So it began again. I thought, “alright, the same treatment. It worked before let’s do it again.” No! Now I must have a mastectomy followed by chemo.

I had a massive surgery followed by six weeks of rest, and then chemo. The chemo is stronger and the doctors are hopeful that this will stop it from coming back, that it kills all the little cancer cells in my bloodstream and that it doesn’t spread.

This experience has helped me to learn to lean on others, that even strangers can be the one thing that touches your life that day. They can be the one thing that stops you from caving and giving in. 

I am so blessed by this act of kindness and cooperation from 1st Financial. Having to rely on help from others is hard, but there comes a time where you have to have faith that someone is going to be there to pick you up.

My credit union has been helpful with allowing us to skip pay when we had no other choice and now to present us a gift to help us means so much. I am so glad that so many years ago we found 1st Financial FCU and are proud to be a member of the team!

ACT #4:

Coming Soon!

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How can you help?

  • Follow our progress each week on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. #50ActsofCooperation
  • Tell your friends and family about this great program.
  • Nominate a person or local organization by filling out the online form below.
  • Volunteer with us. There will be volunteer opportunities throughout the year that will be posted on our calendar and announced on our social media sites.

We believe that small things, small towns, and small organizations can make a big impact when people work together. Join us.

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