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50 Acts of Cooperation

Cooperation is a brilliant concept.

Fifty years ago, in 1968, a small group of blue-collar workers right here in St. Louis started a cooperative to begin saving and borrowing together.  District 837 Credit Union was born from an idea that if we can find a better way to work together, we can accomplish great things.

In 2018, we celebrated our 50th anniversary with 50 Small Acts of Cooperation, a program where we supported, sponsored, loved on, and helped our members, employees, and local nonprofits partners who are making a difference in our communities each day. We were honored to pay bills, buy groceries, buy gas, give away fun family prizes, buy school supplies, serve alongside nonprofits and more.

We firmly believe that small acts of service can bring about big change and we don’t plan to stop now.  Find out more about our ongoing Helping People 1st program.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
Margaret Mead

Click on the tabs below to view each of our 50 Acts of Cooperation!



ACT #1:  David W., 1st Financial Member

David, a 1st Financial member since 1990, was nominated because of the work that he does to help the homeless in St. Louis. We wanted to help David to continue the strong work that he’s doing to help others. Watch David’s story now.

ACT #2:  Shontrice and Markevion

Shontrice and Markevion, 50 Acts of Cooperation #2

Shontrice and Markevion were nominated for our #50ActsofCooperation to have their car repaired and safe for use as they continue with their personal and professional development with Connections to Success. We were so honored to cooperate with one of our favorite nonprofits in St. Louis to help this young family get back on their feet.

ACT #3:  Michelle G., 1st Financial Member

Michelle G., 50 Acts of Cooperation, Act 3

Michelle, a 1st Financial Member since 2013, was nominated for one of our 50 Acts to help ease the burden of the mounting medical bills from her breast cancer treatments. We’re honored to help make this family’s life a little bit easier.

A letter from Michelle:

Breast cancer, something so many women (1 in 8) are diagnosed with. It seems so common, yet few people realize how many different types there are. 111 women die each day from breast cancer.  

When I was told that I had a form of breast cancer that less than 1% of women face, it scared me and left me facing a road ahead I never thought I would have to.

I was diagnosed with triple negative metaplastic breast cancer. We had just bought our first home and moved in. Two days later I have surgery to get a port so I can start chemo the next week. I am 39. I have kids and grandkids that I want to see grow up!

I went through chemo for six months. I was pumped full of poison that’s trying to kill the cancer, but it kills everything. Surgery removed the remainder of the tumor. Then I went on to heal for four weeks before starting radiation. I went through 37 radiation treatments, every week Monday thru Friday.

At the end, of being burned from the inside out, I thought this was behind me. Surely, after all that, I would fall into the category of the 35% of women who don’t have a reoccurrence.

Four months later, it was follow up time.  After the exam, I was moved to another room for second imaging. I knew then that something was wrong. Two days later and another procedure left me waiting for the results.

I already knew it was back. So it began again. I thought, “alright, the same treatment. It worked before let’s do it again.” No! Now I must have a mastectomy followed by chemo.

I had a massive surgery followed by six weeks of rest, and then chemo. The chemo is stronger and the doctors are hopeful that this will stop it from coming back, that it kills all the little cancer cells in my bloodstream and that it doesn’t spread.

This experience has helped me to learn to lean on others, that even strangers can be the one thing that touches your life that day. They can be the one thing that stops you from caving and giving in. 

I am so blessed by this act of kindness and cooperation from 1st Financial. Having to rely on help from others is hard, but there comes a time where you have to have faith that someone is going to be there to pick you up.

My credit union has been helpful with allowing us to skip pay when we had no other choice and now to present us a gift to help us means so much. I am so glad that so many years ago we found 1st Financial FCU and are proud to be a member of the team!

ACT #4: Connections to Success

1st Financial Serving at Connections to Success

As part of our #50ActsofCooperation, 1st Financial is serving our community partners. This week, we served at Connections to Success where our volunteers assisted with organizing the Dress for Success Boutique and sorting donation items.

Connections to Success said, “We were THRILLED to have the 1st Financial ladies volunteer with us! They’ve been coming for a few years now and it’s always a blessing to see how willing they are to serve and give back. Thank you for helping us break the cycle of poverty by providing hope, resources and a plan!”

Cooperation is serving the communities that we live and work in!


ACT #5:  Anew Nature

Anew Nature featured as part of our #50ActsofCooperation campaign.

This week, we’re honored to cooperate with Anew Nature by purchasing new safety equipment for their interns.  Anew Nature Owners Robert and Erica Karleskint are on a mission to give a second chance to marginalized men in the St. Louis area. Through Anew Nature, the Karleskints provide internship opportunities to men participating in Mission: St. Louis’  Beyond Jobs program. Although their interns come from a variety of backgrounds, Robert says he specifically requests ex-convicts. “I want Anew Nature to be a landing pad, where interns can immediately begin work after they graduate while we help them network into a GREAT job,” said Robert.  Keep up the great work in our communities!

ACT #6: City of Wentzville

Cooperation is serving the communities that we live and work in! This week we were honored to serve the City of Wentzville employees and First Responders at the new City Hall which happens to be located right by our Wentzville Branch location. We had a great time surprising them with coffee and donuts in appreciation for all that they do for our communities. Welcome to the neighborhood!

ACT #7: Mama Cat & PotBangerz, 1st Financial Member

Community is everything. 1st Financial member Mama Cat, through her not for profit PotBangerz – Feed the Body Mission, is building community daily through their mission to feed and provide shelter for St. Louis’ unhoused community. In the words of Mama Cat, “We are not exempt from being unhoused. I didn’t think I could be and then I was. If we take everybody with us, we can go so much further. None of us are as good as ALL of us.”  Well said, Mama Cat. Well said.  We’re honored that you are a 1st Financial member and proud to be your community partner.

ACT #8: Workforce Development

1st Financial staff volunteering at Connections to Success Interview Day

As part of our #50ActsofCooperation, we participated in a recent Mock Interview Day. We were so honored to help the participants practice their job interview skills.  Workforce development programs like Connections to Success help members of our community get one step closer to financial stability!


ACT #9: Melissa S, 1st Financial Member

Act of Cooperation #9, Melissa S and her nephew Steve

Today we were happy to present Act #9 of our #50ActsOfCooperation to 1st Financial member Melissa for her strong community work. Melissa along with her nephew Steven have been providing care packages to the unhoused community since 2015 through their local organization “Praying Hands”. We were honored to help meet the community’s needs by providing 100 hats and gloves and a gift card to go towards their efforts. #CUDifference #OurMembersAretheBest #StrongWork

ACT #10: Scott H., 1st Financial Member

Today we’re celebrating 1st Financial member Scott. Scott was nominated for the hard work that he’s been doing to get back on his feet and we were happy help ease his financial burdens with a small gift. We’re honored to be a part of Scott’s journey and to care for people, not just with products and services, but also with heart. Keep up the hard work, Scott. We know you’re going to do great things.

#50Actsfor50Years  #WeLoveOurMembers  #OurStaffRocks 

ACT #11: Lauren

Act of Cooperation #11: Lauren pictured with her father

Lauren was nominated for our #50ActsofCooperation to help with the costs of attending the National Youth Leadership Forum (NYLF): Pathways to STEM, an envision program to be held at Loyola University in Chicago, IL this summer. This program will give Lauren the opportunity to take engage in intensive, engaging, hands-on workshops focused on five skills that are essential to success: communication, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and goal setting. She will also have the opportunity to explore a future career in engineering, medicine, and detective work. We’re so honored to cooperate with Lauren to further her education.

ACT #12: Volunteering at Maplewood-Richmond Heights High School

1st Financial staff volunteering at Maplewood-Richmond Heights High School

We recently had the pleasure of volunteering at Maplewood-Richmond Heights High School with Mad City Money Financial Reality Simulation as part of our #50ActsOfCooperation. Our staff helped to run a realistic, hands-on financial simulation that provided realistic examples of the financial decisions that the students would have to make in the future and to deal with the economic consequences of their decisions.

Cooperation is serving the communities that we live and work in!

ACT #13: Ronald McDonald House Charities of St. Louis

Credit unions solely exist to help people, not to make a profit. We’re here to serve our members and the community well, in good times and in times of crisis. More than 2,000 families call the Ronald McDonald House of St. Louis their home away from home each year as their children receive medical treatment. We’re honored to cooperate with the Ronald McDonald House because of their community impact. Thank you for letting us into your home and for keeping families close when they need it the most. Find out how you can help at www.rmhcstl.com


ACT #14: Books N Bros, 1st Financial Member

At 11 years old, 1st Financial member, Sidney Keys III, started the Books n Bros Book Club in Ferguson. Through our Act of Cooperation program, we were able to help sponsor Carmine’s Books N Bros membership for one year. Keep up the great work Sidney! You’re changing the world one book at a time and we’re proud that you’re a 1st Financial member. For more information about Books N Bros visit www.booksnbros.com.

ACT #15: Kai S., 1st Financial Member

Kai and his Mom. Act #15

Kai, a youth member at 1st Financial, was recently nominated for one of our 50 Acts of Cooperation so that he could attend a summer youth camp. His nominator said this about Kai and the camp, “The camp experience would help him grow and guide him to be the leader that is beginning to emerge. I know this will help him get started in the right direction.”

Good luck, Kai! We’re so happy that we could be a part of your journey.

ACT #16: Community Day at Red Oak Biscuit & Brunch House

Red Oak Biscuit & Brunch Community Day Collage

Its #50ActsFriday and in case you missed it, Act #16 of our #50ActsofCooperation was a FREE coffee day at Red Oak Biscuit and Brunch House yesterday. We successfully served the community of Downtown St. Louis with free coffee and biscuits. Thank you to everyone who came out yesterday! This is what community looks like.

ACT #17: Eric B., 1st Financial Member

Check presentation at the St. Charles branch for Kids with Friends of Cancer in honor of 1st Financial member Eric B.'s late son.

This week’s Act is all about fighting for a cause. Our St. Charles branch honored 1st Financial member Eric B. and his family by making a donation to Friends of Kids with Cancer in memory of their late son, Cole. Credit unions solely exist to help people, not to make a profit. We’re honored to be able to be a part of this family’s journey and to help make a difference in the communities that we serve.


ACT #18: Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Volunteer Day

1st Financial staff volunteering at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore

It’s #50ActsFriday and this Act is all about the importance of volunteering in our communities. This week, our 50 Acts crew volunteered at Habitat for Humanity St. Charles ReStore where they helped move furniture and organize the store. Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis has two locations that are open to the public featuring new and gently used home improvement products and building materials. The ReStore is dedicated to reusing and repurposing donated goods and diverting items from landfills in order to lessen our impact on the environment. #TeamWork #Volunteerism

ACT #19: TEAM Food Pantry

1st Financial volunteer team delivering food to TEAM Food Pantry.

Our Hazelwood branch nominated TEAM Food Pantry for Act #19 of our #50ActsOfCooperation. Our Hazelwood branch has been collecting donations and purchased items to help serve residents in need in Hazelwood and Florissant through TEAM. TEAM is a volunteer organization providing supplemental food and basic household items to needy families in our communities and we’re proud to assist them in their efforts. Thank you, TEAM!

ACT #20: Jawonna B., 1st Financial Member

Act #20: 1st Financial Member, Jowanna

This week we’re proud to help Jawonna, a 1st Financial member since 2016. Jawonna and her family have suffered through some hardships and are going through some financially tough times. She wants others to know that “it’s ok to ask for help and that there is always someone out there who understands what you are going through”. That’s so very true and we were so happy to be able to help ease the financial burdens for Jawonna and her family.


ACT #21: Team St. Louis

Act 21: Two basketball players from Team St. Louis in the St. Charles branch.

Local not for profit, Team St. Louis is a girls basketball club that focuses on the enrichment of young female athletes both on and off the court. We are proud to sponsor these young ladies and assist with donating to their passion for the game. Good luck ladies we are rooting for you!

ACT #22:  $50 SURPRISE for our 50th Members!

1st Financial inbranch $50 winning members.

We love happy surprises and this week each of our branches got to surprise the 50th member to come into the branch that day with $50. Congratulations Kenneth, Mattie, Willie, and Sarah. We so appreciate your membership!

ACT #23:  Little Bits Foundation Supply Drive

1st Financial Team volunteering at the Little Bits Foundation

Team 1st Financial took a trip to The Little Bit Foundation this week and we were able to donate more than 150 pairs of kids socks and underwear!

The Little Bit Foundation is an army of supporters giving, serving and advocating for at-risk children in St. Louis. We’re so honored to be their partner and we’re happy that we were able to help provide students with their everyday needs. We know how important it is to remove barriers to education. Keep up the strong work in our community!

ACT #24:  The Child Center Sponsorship

Act of Cooperation #24, 1st Financial Team delivering supplies to The Child Center in Wentzville

Our HR and Compliance teams nominated The Child Center, Inc. for Act #24 of our #50ActsOfCooperation. We are honored to team up and support your mission of responding to child abuse to reduce trauma to children and their families. Also, thank you for giving us a tour of your facility and sharing your service dog, Oakley Maue, with us as well! #CommunityImpact #TeamWork

ACT #25:  Every Little Bit Helps

At 1st Financial we understand that every little bit helps and that is why we partnered with The Little Bit Foundation to make a difference in the community. Volunteering is just one of the ways that we can help make an impact and our 1st Financial team was happy to get the chance to volunteer with them.

The Little Bit Foundation is a non-profit that supports the whole child – mind, body, and spirit – so that they can focus on their education. Keep up the great work you’re doing for the kids in our community!


ACT #26:  KSDK On-Air Surprise

This week we’re living out our mission of people helping people by giving back local nonprofit PotBangerz – Feed the Body Mission, and helping with their mission to provide the needed essentials for St. Louis’ unhoused community. In honor of our 50th anniversary, 1st Financial surprised Mama Cat with 50 donated cases of water and Gatorade live on the air of KSDK’s Show Me St. Louis show. #CommunityImpact

ACT #27:  Mike’s Story

Veterans are more likely than civilians to experience homelessness. Mike, a 4th generation military man, used to be homeless, but with a little help, he’s getting back on his feet again. We are proud to work with our community partners at Employment Connection of St. Louis to help Mike. This fall, Mike looks forward to beginning his new role as a Peer Support Specialist at the St. Louis VA Hospital so that he can help other veterans get back on track. #ThisIsWhatCommunityLooksLike  #PeopleHelpingPeople

ACT #28: Education Exchange Corps Sponsorship

A photo of the 50 Acts of Cooperation check presentation to Education Exchange of St. Louis

We are honored to support the Education Exchange Corps Summer Leadership Academy which is a free academic program that helps kids develop leadership, teamwork, and academic skills. Thank you for all that you do for our community and for empowering every child to take on our world’s greatest challenges. #TeamWork  #StrongCommunityPresence

ACT #29: St. Paul Saturdays

Jay Rhodes with St. Paul Saturdays accepting 50 Acts of Cooperation sponsorship.

Happy #50ActsFriday! This week we’re honored to support local non-profit St. Paul Saturdays. Their leadership program has a 100% high school graduation rate with 100% of their high school graduates going on to attend college. Director Jay Rhodes said, “We are so excited to be selected and we would like to thank everyone at 1st Financial for your kindness and acknowledgment.” Thank you, Jay, for all that you and your program do for the young men in our community. #50ActsOfCooperation  #Leadership  #Community  #Education


ACT #30: Terry, 1st Financial Member

The Downtown Branch team celebrating 1st Financial's 30th 50 Act of Cooperation

Our Downtown branch nominated 1st Financial member Terry who is also known as the Brown Bag Lady for an Act Of Cooperation. Terry has a mission of feeding the homeless by giving away her brown bags that contain a sandwich, fruit and a bottle of water. We are proud to partner up with Terry to help those who need it most. #PeopleHelpingPeople  #CUDifference

ACT #31: 1st Financial Team Volunteer Day

1st Financial Federal Credit Union Team volunteering at St. Charles City-County Library Book Fair

Team 1st Financial took a trip to the Family Arena to assist the St Charles City-County Library Foundation with their Friends of the Library Book Fair. All of the money raised goes directly to the district to provide literacy and educational programs and services with the majority of our funds benefiting Children’s and Teen initiatives. #50ActsOfCooperation #StrongCommunityWork #Partnership #Education

ACT #32: National Dog Day BarkBox Contest

National Dog Day Contest for 50 Acts of Cooperation

This week is all about our furry friends! For #NationalDogDay we gave away a 6-month BarkBox subscription to one lucky dog! Congratulations Cindy and her pretty puppy Nova! Check out all of our adorable entries on our Facebook page. #50ActsofCooperation #WeLoveDogsToo

ACT #33: Back to School Shopping Spree

Jayden, our 50 Acts of Cooperation Back to School Shopping Spree winner

Because we know how important an education is we recently sponsored a 50 Acts of Cooperation Back to School Shopping Spree. We’re happy to announce that Jaydn was our winner. Good luck in school this year, Jadyn. We wish you all the best!


ACT #34: Tony, Kicking Homelessness to the Curb

Tony, a student at St. Dominic, hosted a soccer tournament for homelessness

We’re recognizing Tony, a senior at St. Dominic High School. Tony recently organized a charity soccer game which raised $2,000 for the homeless through Peter & Paul Community Services. Great work, Tony! We’re so inspired by Tony’s actions that we’re making a donation to Peter and Paul Community Services on behalf of Kicking Homelessness to the Curb as well as giving Tony a $100 college scholarship.  #50ActsOfCooperation #EveryLittleBitHelps  #StongCommunityWork

ACT #35: Disney On Ice Contest

1st Financial 50 Acts Disney On Ice Winner - Lauren N.

For our young members, we gave away a family four pack to the Disney On Ice “Dare to Dream” show on Saturday, September 22 at 3:00 pm at the Chaifetz Arena. Lauren said that her dream was for her kids to grow up happy and know that anything is possible if they put their mind and heart into it! Thank you, Lauren! Enjoy the show!

ACT #36: Surprising Hazelwood Shoppers

This week we surprised some of our neighbors in Hazelwood by buying their groceries! We are proud to serve and strengthen the North County area!  #50ActsOfCooperation  #CommunityStrong

ACT #37: KidSmart Volunteer Day

1st Financial Team volunteering at KidSmart

Team 1st Financial took a trip to the KidSmart — Tools For Learning warehouse to assist with organizing and boxing up school supplies. KidSmart empowers children in need to succeed in school by providing free essential tools for learning. #StrongCommunityWork


ACT #38:  Junior Achievement

Team 1st Financial volunteers with Junior Achievement

This week our volunteer team had the pleasure of serving as role models at the Career Exploration Fair with Junior Achievement of Greater St. Louis, Inc. We had the opportunity to brighten the young minds of hundreds of middle and high schoolers by sharing some of our employee’s career experiences with our local youth.

ACT #39: Kensley’s Princess Brigade Walk for JDRF

50 Acts of Cooperation: Kensley at the JDRF walk in St. Louis

Kensley has type 1 diabetes and her dad tells us, “She refuses to let this disease define who she is. She is a fighter and is a brave soul to take on the battle that chose her!”

Kensley, we’re honored to be part of your mission to find a cure and we were so happy to be able to support your Princess Brigade at last weekend’s JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) walk in St. Louis.

ACT #40: Special Spaces St. Louis Sponsorship

Special Spaces St. Louis Act of Cooperation #40

Our Lending team nominated Special Spaces St. Louis, a non-profit organization who creates dream bedrooms for children with life-threatening illnesses. We recently sponsored their annual Fall Festival Fundraiser. Thank you, Special Spaces St. Louis, for creating a space where kids can heal and spend time away from the challenges of their illness.

ACT #41: A Special Halloween Surprise!

Kids in superhero Halloween costumes as part of the 50 Acts of Cooperation program.

This week’s act is all about superheroes! The Scott’s recently added to their family by adopting three children. We know that the holidays can be stressful, so we were honored to help make this family’s life a little bit easier by buying their Halloween costumes. The Scott’s said, “When they put on their costumes they just felt like they were real superheroes. Thank you so much!”

ACT #42: Stray Rescue Volunteer Day

Virtually all of the pets that Stray Rescue of St. Louis saves have been abused and neglected. They’ve been dumped on highways or remote country roads. Abandoned in public parks, empty houses, and dark alleys. Rescued from being bait dogs or prizefighters in dog fighting rings. They’ve even saved dogs that were left chained behind buildings or locked in houses after their owners moved away.

The 1st Financial Team was happy to serve at Stray Rescue St. Louis through their 50 Acts of Cooperation program.

In a time when no one seems to want to work together, 1st Financial Federal Credit Union in St. Louis, Missouri is bringing back cooperation by serving our communities with 50 Acts of Cooperation as we celebrate 50 years of service.


ACT #43:  FREE Fuel Surprise

Watch as the 1st Financial team surprises the St. Charles community with FREE gas!

In a time when no one seems to want to work together, 1st Financial Federal Credit Union in St. Louis, Missouri is bringing back cooperation by serving our communities with 50 Acts of Cooperation as we celebrate 50 years of service.

ACT #44: Thanksgiving Turkey Drive

50 acts of cooperation turkey drive image.

Everyone dreams about having their family around a table and being able to feed them. The holidays are a time to be celebrated, but to some families, this time of year is devastating because they may have to make the choice of either paying a bill or having Thanksgiving. Everyone wants to be able to participate in Thanksgiving which is why we’re honored to help Young Voices with Action, Inc.provide local families with the ingredients they need for a Thanksgiving meal through our #50ActsOfCooperation. Thank you to our membersBruce Franks Jr. and Rasheen Lamont Aldridge for nominating these Thanksgiving Acts of Cooperation. This is what community looks like!  #CommunityStrong

ACT #45: Black Friday Gift Card Giveaway

50 Acts of Cooperation Black Friday Gift Card winner photographed with Downtown Branch Manager, Karen

Congratulations to our Black Friday $150 gift card winner, Yalonda! Yalonda said that she was thankful for “being here to see another Thanksgiving, my family, and friends along with the ability to have a lovely meal with them.”  We’re so thankful to have members like Yalonda! #OurMembersRock #50ActsofCooperation #Act45

ACT #46: Junior Achievement Volunteer Day

1st Financial Team volunteering with Junior Achievement at a school in Wentzville, MO.

Thank you to all of our employees who volunteered with Junior Achievement of St. Louis at Heritage Primary School in Wentzville! Financial Literacy is necessary for future success and you were fantastic! #EmpoweringOurYouth


ACT #47: Terry, 1st Financial Member

50 Acts Recipient Mr. Ross with tellers at the Wentzville Branch

The Wentzville Branch nominated Terry (lovingly referred to as Mr. Speedy) to be one of our 50 Acts of Cooperation. Wentzville Branch Manager, Pat said “Terry is a is a very sweet man that always comes in with a smile, but lately he’s been going through some tough times. We know him as Mr. Speedy because after he had hip surgery he was on a walker. Every time he came into the branch we could see his progression from having to walk with a walker then a cane and finally on his own!  So I named him Mr. Speedy and he loved it!” Thank you for being such a great member Terry! We hope this small act of cooperation helps ease your burdens and puts a smile back on your face!   #OurMembersAreFamily  #PeopleHelpingPeople

ACT #48: Jefferson Barracks National Cemetary Christmas Wreath Sponsor

Wreaths on display at Jefferson Barracks Cemetery

This week’s #50ActsofCooperation is about remembering the fallen and honoring those who served. We teamed up with Gateway Blue Star Mothers to participate in Wreaths Across America Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery. We were honored to sponsor remembrance wreaths that will be placed on the graves of our country’s fallen heroes. #HonoringOurHeroes

ACT #49: Adopt A Family

1st Financial Team standing in front of donations for adopt a family program

The holidays are a time for giving – giving to friends and family and giving back to the community. Team 1st Financial came through again this year and was able to sponsor 28 wish bags for the Saint Louis Crisis Nursery. We are honored to be able to make the holidays possible for families in our community!

ACT #50: Shanee, 1st Financial Member

Act #50 of 1st Financial's 50 Acts of Cooperation program

For our last Act of Cooperation of the year, we were honored to help our member Shanee and her son. Shanee is currently working overseas with the VA, but wanted to do something extra for her son while she’s away. Shanee said, “I’m currently being deployed to Qatar. My son is a growing boy and his growth spurts this summer have been unbelievable so any hand up would be great.” Thank you for your membership Shanee! We hope to see you back in the states soon!

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